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Discover what your child needs....
Consultation and Assessment

The first step is meeting with you to learn about  your child’s situation and developmental history.  After the initial consultation, and meeting with your child,  I provide feedback to share my understanding and to make recommendations.  Sometimes it makes more sense to meet up front with parents to address concerns and offer guidance.  But when your child has his/her own source of pain, frustrations and inhibitions, its important for us to work together. I work closely with school faculty and other health providers when indicated.

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Addressing Problems of Living…

Although these struggles are ubiquitous, sometimes the stresses and strains of everyday life or traumatic events result in a tipping of the scales and symptoms may appear such as irritability, avoidant behaviors, somatic problems, low self -worth, and not feeling able to reach one’s potential.

Developmentally, problems of living often first appear in adolescence or young adulthood as life gets more stressful with increased adult responsibilities such as independent living, marriage, children, careers, and other commitments.  These struggles can become more tenacious, potentially causing angst in an otherwise good life. 

As a result, I advise younger people in college, graduate school, or as young professionals to consider and address their problems of living early on, so symptoms do not become entrenched, and less optimal patterns of managing life and relationships don’t repeat themselves over and over.

Young Adults
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Whether the work is with parents in the context of their child’s treatment, or parent counseling without a child in treatment, we focus on understanding what is behind a child’s behaviors and how your own beliefs and experiences influence  parenting.   We may create a space to explore your values and goals for raising children.

Many parents report that with greater understanding of their child,  they become better listeners and develop more patience and presence.  Parenthood is a developmental stage onto its own . Some stages of a child’s development may be more daunting for a parent than other stages.

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